Two cents

Whatever happened to “everyone is entitled to his own opinion”? These days, people are becoming more and more overly sensitive. You will be verbally stoned to death when you voice out your two cents regarding gays, races, fat people, etc.

Poor Miriam Quiambao and Manny Pacquiao. They opened their mouths and were instantly crucified for thinking out loud. Miriam is against the idea of allowing transgenders to join the Miss Universe pageant. Manny opposes President Obama’s stand on gay marriage. The Bible might have been (mis)quoted on their statements but the fact remains that these two are just saying what are on their minds. Why be hard on them?

It is ridiculous how people these days sensationalize everything! They blow issues out of proportion and they start hating and hating. To each his own, okay? We may choose to disagree but to react in a holier-than-thou manner is downright wrong. Miriam and Manny already clarified that they do not hate gays. Their statements were twisted by the media resulting to misinterpretation. True or not, let’s just let them be. We cannot expect celebrities to always go with the flow or side with the majority. We have our own sets of beliefs and principles and opinion is something that one cannot take from anyone, ever.


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