Define Discrimination

I have nothing against the LGBT community. In fact, I love being around them especially the gay ones. They are the jolliest people around and it’s always fun being in their company. This latest controversy in the Miss Universe pageant, however, caught my attention and I can’t help but raise an eyebrow.

Miss Canada 2012, Jenna Talackova, is the first transgender contestant in the Miss Universe pageant. He/She was initially barred from joining the contest because he/she was not born female. After a while, though, this decision was overturned by Miss Universe owner, Donald Trump. Transgender are now officially welcome to join without any reservations.

Miriam Quiambao and other local celebrities have expressed their denouncement over this decision. And I share the same opinion. Let’s face it, transgender are not women. They might appear women but they are not women. They may look, sound, act, smell, feel like women but when they were born into this world, they were registered as “boys”. I respect their decision to change what they are because yes, to each his own. But, I would like to ask the same from them. Respect womanhood. Miss Universe is for women, not for transgender. Transgender do not fall under “women” but to a totally different category, which, is “trangender”. Why can’t they leave Miss Universe to real women and just appeal for the creation of a pageant solely for transgender? Let’s fight fair. Fight with your own kind.

Many people think this is just a marketing strategy by Donald Trump. Miss Universe viewership has been on the slump for several years now and this is just what it needed, a boost. But of course, this is not to be admitted publicly. The press release is something about the Miss Universe organization being against discrimination, blah blah. Oh really? Why then do you not accept married women, single mothers, women who were previously married, women over 26?
Isn’t that discrimination, too? Is it because, these days, it is too risqué to discriminate the LGBT community because they are more outspoken and more relentless?

How do you define discrimination? When a specific group do not get what they want, they call discrimination. When they get offended, they are being discriminated. Has discrimination being used loosely nowadays?


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