Lady Gaga and the Catholic Church


The Philippines is predominantly a Catholic nation. Thanks to three centuries of Spanish colonization. The line separating the church and the state is a very thin one in this country. The church has a vast influence on the government especially on issues involving morality like abortion, divorce, capital punishment, mercy killing, to name a few. The government listens to the church. The church dictates the state. This setup has resulted in numerous conservative decisions on sensitive issues that may or may not have been detrimental to the country’s socio-economic development.

Now, the Lady Gaga controversy. The pop star just finished her successful two-night concert in the Philippines but not before creating much buzz due to the Catholic church’s attempt to ban the singer. Apparently, Lady Gaga is a preacher from hell. Her songs are blasphemous, according to the church. She, allegedly, mocked several Biblical characters and her lyrics send out satanic messages.

Don’t we have a lot more problems to think and talk about in this country? Poverty, corruption, crime, sovereignty disputes, and the list goes on. But we have to prioritize the stoppage of Lady Gaga’s concert because she is a minion of Satan? The church is afraid that Lady Gaga will ruin the minds and religion of the Filipino people through her songs that vehemently desecrate the Holy Scripture.

This is interesting. Should we now blame Lady Gaga and the likes for the country’s problems? Have we run out of factors to blame for our nation’s plight? While it is true that entertainers do have a great influence on their fans but for the church to make a huge deal out of Lady Gaga’s lyrics is ridiculous and plain self-righteous. If Gaga’s lyrics should be scrutinized and criticized, then the church should start a campaign of cleansing the whole music industry commencing locally. I have heard worse lyrics sang by local artists. Words that promote infidelity, prostitution, vices, criminal activities, etc. Let us do that then.

Lady Gaga pushed through with her concert, unscathed by the controversy. In fact, the brouhaha even boosted the ticket sales. Thanks to you, Catholic church, for indirectly sending even more people to the concert ground to listen to the devil sing.


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